A collection of thoughts, ideas and moments about design, some quick and others studied more deeply.

Luxe Seas Community Center Hainan, China

Luxe Seas Community Center Hainan, China

Angle Lake Station near Seattle Airport

Angle Lake Station near Seattle Airport

Section of Boutique Hotel, Chengdu, China

Mixed-Use Housing and Parking Structure

Broadway Court Affordable Housing, Santa Monica, Installation of the recycled aluminum can block facade.

Davie Brown Entertainment - The making of the shrink wrapped dressing room.

Building section for a hillside house in Silverlake.

Creative Domain, Hollywood - Use of dixie cups in a CNC routed MDF wall on the south facade of perimeter offices acting as an oculus to allow colored light into the space.

Benchmark Builders, Culver CIty. Industrial broom facade.

Coop Editorial - CNC Milled Glu-lam beam wall.

Conference Room Overhead glass Door Detail

Frontier Capital, Charlotte, NC.  Felt ceiling and wall made from recycled crown molding from the previous tenant improvement.

Liquid Wood Park Bench

Hahn Apartments in Brentwood,  Eight units on a 20 foot wide alley site

Cale House, Maui, Hawaii

Woven Area Rug by Scarpa

CAM Museum Raleigh, NC

Office Building Proposal Downtown Santa Monica

Master Plan for Philadelphia Zoo

Los Angeles Police Station

Mixed-Use Housing - Boston

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